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Join the Fight: MetaFight Alpha Launch Brings More Opportunities to Earn NFTs

Alpha Release of MetaFight Brings Exciting Opportunities to Earn NFTs through MMA Gaming

Location, February 10, 2023 — MetaFight, the world’s first fight-and-earn platform, has announced its upcoming Alpha Release. The Alpha Release, set to launch on February 21st, 2023, will offer users three more starter cards, providing them with more opportunities to collect and earn NFTs. 

The Alpha Release marks the first public version of MetaFight, and users can expect to enjoy a number of exciting features. They will be able to acquire free cards, purchase card packs, trade cards with other users, combine fighters and equipment, and join leagues to earn rewards. The first auction campaign will start with Ciryl Gane’s unique and legendary cards, with the sale being divided into three parts: Teasing, Legendary Auction, and Unique Auctions. With over 500 notable fighters under contract and numerous MMA and tech partnerships, MetaFight promises its users a truly unforgettable experience.

CEO Julia Mahé-Emsallem shared her excitement about the Alpha Launch, saying, “MetaFight’s goal is to support the growth of MMA worldwide by helping fighters and industry professionals like coaches, agents, and organizations. With the Alpha Launch, we’re taking a step further towards that goal and allowing all members of the MMA ecosystem to benefit from the platform and contribute to the sport’s growth.”

MetaFight will reward users with fighter cards, boosters, and passive cards during the first phase, with plans to add cryptocurrency to the reward phase in the future. In addition, users can complete daily and weekly challenges to accumulate points, with the top performers gaining access to exclusive sales featuring special NFTs. Considering rarity as the first characteristic of each asset, the supply of starter cards is unlimited, whereas the supply of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary, and Unique cards is 300, 150, 50, 10, and 1.

As per the roadmap, MetaFight has some interesting things in place for 2023 with Card Renting, where users will share their cards with another player and get something in exchange or split the prizes gained by that card, and PVP mode, where users will be able to fight with their friends which eventually have a leaderboard to rank top players. 

About MetaFight

MetaFight is an NFT game where players compete against each other using fighter cards representing professional MMA fighters. Led by Julia and Thomas, the MetaFight team is solving some of the biggest problems in the NFT industry, such as high transaction fees, slow confirmation times, developer experience issues, and security concerns. Players can join leagues and compete against other players, with their rewards and ranking determined by their performance in the league. MetaFight is the first metaverse and NFT game to utilize this concept, and it is already gaining a lot of attention in the NFT/metaverse gaming community.

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