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Investing in cryptocurrency could be fun, but tricky and risky when you are yet to decipher the best ways to make your trades

 Being successful in your cryptocurrency trading might be a function of how best you apply the trading rules and vary your Investments to suit prevailing conditions. Experience could be of a lot importance in a space as tricky as this. Experience itself is gained over time and depending on how long and how much you have been involved in this space you gain a certain level of understanding of how things work. Cryptocurrency prices are known to be very volatile, prices could swing to any direction at any time and this always poses a lot of threat to traders who are yet to grasp how things work here.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely understand how cryptocurrency prices move. Even people who have been involved in this space for a tangible number of years still find it hard to make profit in certain conditions. Newer investors share their stories of huge losses due to bad trades and bad investments. But some investors have mastered the game and have an extra knowledge of how things work in the crypto space. The variation in cryptocurrency prices is in fact a result of changes in human behaviour. When things go to the wrong side and people decide to sell off, the result is a pronounced decrease in price. The reverse is the case when the human greed index gets higher. To master the art of cryptocurrency investment faster and reduce your risk of losing out on your trade, there is need to follow some more experienced Traders and study some of their trading patterns and tricks. 

Here are some prominent cryptocurrency traders you might want to check out today:

  1. IL Capo of crypto: Formerly known as IL Capo of NOIA; thanks to many accurate predictions and analysis, he has gained over 300,000 followers on Twitter and the number keeps increasing. He has spent over five years in cryptocurrency trading and his Twitter account dates back to 2018. He famously called time on the 2021 bull run and signaled a long coming bear market. Despite doubts and arguments against his prediction the bear market arrived just about the time he called it. His regular analysis has always gone close to success and even when this is not the case, he presents a brilliant way to look at the crypto-currency market.
  2. Rekt capital:Rekt capital is known to pay more attention to Bitcoin and less attention to other cryptocurrencies. But anyways he is just as accurate as you could imagine. He presents daily analysis of Bitcoin price movement and once in a while offers expert analysis on other cryptocurrencies. Followers are offered the chance to learn price movements in the most explicit ways; his diagrammatic and time-based representation of price movement could be resourceful to even an experienced trader. You can sign up to his newsletter and keep an eye on his predictions on Twitter. Has gained over 300,000 followers on the micro-blogging platform.
  3.  Plan B: Plan B was a popular predictor of bitcoin’s $100,000 price in 2021. The failure of this prediction caused a lot of controversies. But Plan B is still a clever crypticurrency Trader and analyst, a known bitcoin Bull. Unfortunately, his 2021 top target didn’t go as planned. Consider following him on Twitter to stay informed and upgrade your trading experience alongside other 1.8 million followers