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Interview with RJ Randall: Founder of “NCOG”

Today we have the Founder of NCOG, Mr. RJ Randall, to tell us more about NCOG and what inspires him to work on such a type of project. Let’s deep dive into the question-and-answer session…

1. Can you tell us about the genesis of the New Green Deal Corporation and its mission to substantially lower the earth’s carbon footprint via the patented Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System (ALBS)?

Ans: One of the biggest threats to the environment are conventional landfills and improper waste disposal. They also contribute a major fraction of our current carbon footprint. New Green Corporation with its patents for the Aerobic Landfill bioreactor technology (ALBS) plans to modernize landfills with a vision to substantially reduce waste disintegration processes in landfill ultimately making them reusable and thereby removing the need for new landfills. In many ways, New Green Deal Corporation’s plan helps eliminate a major fraction of the current carbon footprint wherever it’s applied.

2. How does NGD Corporation plan to empower communities in the United States and around the globe with the ALBS technology, and what are some of the benefits that communities can expect from this landfill modernisation technology?

Ans: One of the greatest emotions in our world is a parent’s love for a child. Through various tied industries such as banking, blockchain, Web3 etc, NGD makes it possible for the application of landfill modernization beneficial for the environment while also providing regenerative financing benefitting children’s educational accounts in the community. This in the long run, helps kids in our communities to save up for their college education pushing society forward as a whole.

3. How does the NGD Consortium’s Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiative of “Tied Industries” offer a long-term path politically, opening doors and greasing the wheels within the community to empower rapid change towards community carbon neutrality?

Ans: The New Green Deal Consortium’s ‘Tied Industries” initiative combines Environmental Earth Projects and Policies revolving around waste disposal and management through its various handles such as Net0Air, a 501(c)4. This allows us to bring necessary socio-political changes to improve our behaviour towards our environment while also empowering communities by benefiting them through regenerative financing. The entire model significantly changes the status quo of environmental consciousness in our society hence greasing the wheels that carry us towards carbon neutrality.

4. Can you tell us more about the partnerships that NGD Corporation has in place with Net-0-Air, and how this non-profit organisation allows for political and lobbying activity, including political campaigns?

Ans: Net0Air, a 501(c)4 non-profit organisation envisions and carbon neutral world and conducts continuous and vigorous research on effective and upcoming policies that undermine our move towards carbon neutrality. It helps empower the New Green Deal Corporation by devising and lobbying for legislative solutions that provide significantly better environmental policies and measures, making our vision of a carbon neutral world a bit more vivid every day as we move forward.

5. How do you see NCOG’s meta-search engine improving the online user experience and setting it apart from other search engines?

Ans: The NCOG Search Engine is a meta-search engine that sends out queries to multiple other search engines and then creates a list of the most relevant results for the end user. It can provide a broader range of results than a single search engine would be able to because it pulls results from multiple sources. It can also help users find more obscure or hard-to-find information. Additionally, meta-search engines can help users save time by eliminating the need to check multiple search engines one by one.

The NCOG Search Engine also provides additional features such as sorting and filtering options, which can help users refine their search results even further.

6. How does integrating blockchain technology into NCOG’s services and incentivising web services and consumer data enhance its value proposition for users, advertisers, affiliates, and stakeholders?

Ans: The NCOG ecosystem ( NCOG Search Engine, NCOG Earth Chain, NCOG Pay, and the $NEC coin and the (NCOG and NCOG*) token(s) essentially aims towards providing a platform that facilitates the monetary incentivization of its users through a connected world of activity. Simply, NCOG pays users to various online activities including but not limited to browsing, sharing, shopping, and generally participating in a connected world.

NCOG’s “big idea” is the targeted incentivization of a connected world. The monetary incentivization of NCOG’s users for their online and smartphone activities will correspond to a significant increase in user-advertiser and user-affiliate interaction. This increase in exchange provides greater monetization for each NCOG user and ultimately increases revenue for NCOG’s partners.

7. Can you discuss some of the unique features of NCOG’s meta-search engine, such as clustering algorithms and machine learning, and how they contribute to more accurate and relevant search results?

Ans: The NCOG Search Engines function by sending a user’s query to multiple other search engines and then combining the results from each of those search engines into one set of results. The process typically works as follows:

A user enters a query into the NCOG Search Engine’s search bar.
The query is then sent to multiple other search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Each of the other search engines returns a set of results for the query.
NCOG then combines the results from each of the other search engines into one set of results.
NCOG also uses algorithms to sort, filter, and rank the results to provide the most relevant search results to the user.

The final set of results is then presented to the user on a single, unified search results page.
It also uses additional features to improve the search results such as clustering algorithms to group similar results together and machine learning to understand the intent of the user’s query and adjust the search results accordingly.

NCOG can provide several benefits to users, such as providing a broader range of results, saving time, and helping users find more obscure information

8. What steps is NCOG taking to ensure the privacy and security of user data in light of increasing concerns over online privacy?

Ans: NCOG abides by the principal of placing the power back into the hands of the consumer and as such, NCOG aims to incentivise consumers in return for their data. In the essence of the process, NCOG (consensually) collects user data and provides them a repository to store it for them. Users may then opt to keep their data private or to earn incentives whenever advertiser demands arise. This system provides value to the end user and turns data into a commodity for the consumer. In a nutshell, it benefits the consumer for their data while keeping them in charge of the decision of them agreeing or disagreeing to leverage their data for the incentives.

9. How does NCOG plan to compete with industry giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google in the global web services market and establish itself as a leader in the transition to decentralised Web 3.0?

Ans: NCOG believes that it can create a better user experience by using strategic incentivization to break down traditional borders. One NCOG initiative is the true integration of e-commerce, social networking, and content generation. Over time NCOG will layer more and more top-quality functionalities (i.e. social networking, content generation tools, etc.) onto its innovative incentivization platform. If NCOG can continue to integrate top-tier functionalities users will choose NCOG’s obviously superior value proposition over the competition. All things being equal, incentivized trumps non-incentivized; NCOG makes all other alternatives far less attractive which includes any other major mainstream internet company.

10. Can you tell us about the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in NCOG’s mission to enhance and bring innovation to the general online user experience?

Ans: Businesses know that the days of one-size-fits-all rewards programs are gone and today’s customers expect more, demanding that any business with whom they share their personal information give them something meaningful in return. NCOG seeks to change the paradigm and shift the web services industry into a rewards mindset. NCOG makes loyalty more rewarding by offering users a fully integrated user experience, an easy-to-use portal and redemption center, diverse reward options, and a web services platform built around instant monetary gratification clubbed with high-end technologies such as blockchain, AI/ML, and AR/VR, specifically reverse engineering the advertisement industry where our interface finds the highest paying advertiser’s for users to generate the most amount of revenue from their own data.

11. How does NCOG plan to monetise its services and leverage its decentralised technologies, such as blockchain, to drive revenue growth?

Ans: NCOG has created an online currency and monetary mechanism known as the NCOG Pay and $NCOG Tokens which are minted on our independently generated NCOG Earth Chain. $NCOG tokens are the currency NCOG users are paid for their various revenue-generating activities. A commission is paid to our users instantly every time revenue is earned within the portal by using the portal and its many features. $NCOG is also earned outside the NCOG portal through NCOG’s affiliates and 3rd party sites. One feature that makes NCOG distinct from all other competitors is instant gratification. When a member performs any revenue-generating activity they are immediately paid in $NCOG. The NCOG can then be used to purchase goods or services in the outlet center or can be converted to other currencies (dollars, euros, yen, etc.) via the NCOG exchange center. People will also be able to spend their $NCOG directly taking advantage of the millions of items listed in the NCOG Outlet Center. The NCOG Outlet Center currently boasts 1.8 million brand-name products.

12.How does NCOG balance the needs and interests of its users, advertisers, affiliates, and stakeholders in its business model and decision-making processes?

Ans: NCOG’s value proposition to its partners is this: By leveraging the $NCOG NCOG’s partners will be able to develop more effective and fiscally efficient online marketing campaigns. Furthermore, NCOG provides its partners with the analytics and full range of tools needed to effectively pinpoint, attract, and retain profitable customers. The most important of NCOG’s tools is the $NCOG token on the NCOG Pay Ecosystem. NCOG’s goal is to put the $NCOG token and the power of monetary incentivization to work for both large corporate affiliates and small businesses alike.