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Innovative Sportafi App Captures Major League Baseball Record

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees recently hit his 62nd home run of the season on Tuesday, October 4th, in front of 38,832 people while playing against the Texas Rangers. With the swing of a bat, Judge made history, becoming the player with the most single-season home runs hit in Yankees history.

Before Tuesday, the record was held by Roger Maris, a former Yankee player. Maris hit his 61st home run in 1961. There were around 20,000 individuals in attendance that day at Yankee Stadium. Nevertheless, a far larger number of fans have said that they were there throughout the years.

Sportafi, a division of Black Ink Technologies (BIT), has introduced breakthrough technology that will allow spectators to verify their attendance at historic moments in sports. Digital assets (NFTs) for new and current sports memorabilia can be generated using the proprietary hardware and software platform. Getting a freshly minted NFT at a game is undeniable proof that you were there.

On that historic night, Sportafi’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Blackburn, and the In-House General Counsel for Sportafi, Bryan McArdle, were seated just a few seats away from where Judge struck the ball that led to the scoring of his 62nd run. With the help of the Sportafi application, Blackburn and McArdle created an NFT of the record-breaking event.

The minted NFT makes use of Sportafi’s multi-patented integrated platform technology, which collects information such as where, when, who, and what. The app not only records the general location, in this instance Globe Life Field but also identifies the exact location of the NFT creation, which was left field. Additionally, the NFT creation process captures the biometric IDs of the participants, the blockchain timestamp, and unique identifiers of the object or event. This process generates a dynamic QR Code, which can be used for validation and reference in the future.

The applications developed by Black Ink Tech are now through the “Test Flight” clearance procedure at the Apple Store. Soon, followers will be able to make their own NFTs, with unchangeable confirmations of records and memorabilia purchases.

About Sportafi

Sportafi is revolutionizing the market for sports collectibles. Its patented hardware and software technology generates NTFs for both new and existing sports memorabilia, reducing the possibility of counterfeiting. Sportafi is bringing truth and transparency to the sports memorabilia market, which has a long history of fraud and deception.

The innovative Sportafi platform and marketplace is an all-inclusive ecosystem that connects and serves the needs of the five main pillars of the sports memorabilia industry: players’ associations, authenticating agencies, professional sports leagues, merchandise manufacturers, and the dedicated collectors and diehard fans who fuel the industry.

There’s a certain magic about owning a piece of sports history. Knowing that your collectible is genuine adds an extra layer of meaning to it. Sportafi is changing the game of the sports memorabilia industry, giving users confidence in their purchases and security for their collections. Visit to learn more.