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India’s First E-commerce Metaverse, Launched by Wiztales

On August 16, Wiztales announced that it would be launching its own Metaverse — Altyug, which will be the first e-commerce platform in India. Wiztales is the fastest growing technology brand in the country, which is about to bring a revolution to the tech world very soon.

Through Wiztales’ platform, customers can experience real-life activities including 2D hypercasual gaming, shopping, and interacting with colleagues by using their intuition. Also, users will be free to explore immersive, multiple, futuristic, and realistic venues with interaction points at multiple levels by sitting in their homes with the click of a button.

More insight into the Indian version of Metaverse—Altyug

In the Metaverse by Wiztales, users will have the opportunity to purchase and create virtual lands. The experiences offered by Altyug will be so realistic that the customers will have the opportunity to buy land, visit clothing stores, do window-shopping, and visit the brand stores; their avatars will be able to try on clothes, and then visit the website to purchase the branded products.

With the introduction of Altyug by Wiztales, it is clear that Metaverse is the future, and almost every business must switch their products and services to the online world to flourish in the Web3.0 era.

The CEO and Founder of Wiztales, Sumanyu Soniwal, on Altyug’s launch, stated that Wiztales has always been a brand that focused entirely on enhancing users’ experiences. And with the Virtual Event Platform—Wiz365, Wiztales has only scraped the tip of the iceberg, added Soniwal.

While Wiz365 has successfully made people accustomed to the virtual world’s experience, with Altyug, the technology world will witness a 360-degree turnaround.