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How to Buy SAITAMA | Beginner’s Guide

Many individuals are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies after hearing about them. But because they don’t know how, they cling to the biggest ones, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum but there are some small Crypto’s with great potential like SAITAMA.

Buying SAITAMA is a simple process if you know what you’re doing. If you’re just getting started, this guide will show you exactly how to buy SAITAMA and the best places to do so.

How to Purchase SAITAMA – A Step-by-Step Guide

SAITAMA is an AltCoin cryptocurrency. However, the bulk of cryptocurrencies have never been able to compete with Bitcoin in terms of market value, user base, or popularity. Altcoins are often less expensive than Bitcoin, and many users value the distinctions between the cryptocurrencies.

Step 1: Select Your Wallet

The first step is to open a wallet or exchange account. You have various possibilities, including Binance. To find out where you can purchase and store your favourite cryptocurrency, use Exodus, MyEtherWallet, or Coinmarketcap. Once you’ve purchased your tokens, you can save them in one of these wallets.

Step 2: Select Your Exchange

You’ll need to choose which cryptocurrency exchange you wish to use to buy altcoins.  Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood, and FTX are some of the most prominent exchanges. An ideal place to start for novices is with an exchange that takes fiat currency (normal money like USD), so you don’t have to first convert your money into Bitcoin and then buy the altcoin with it.

Step 3: Register for an Account on the Exchange

Sign up for an account with your chosen exchange. You’ll likely be asked to provide basic information about yourself like your name, email address and telephone number. You’ll also be required to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements by uploading documents like your passport or driver’s license. This is in line with global regulations designed to prevent money laundering or other illegal activities via cryptocurrency platforms.

Step 4: Purchase SAITAMA

On an exchange, convert your BTC or USD to the cryptocurrency of your choosing. Most of the time, the procedure should be quite similar and should just take a few minutes once BTC has been sent from your wallet to the exchanges.

Step 5: If desired, withdraw to a hardware wallet.

If you want extra protection, you may withdraw your SAITAMA from the exchange and store them in a hardware wallet. That’s all there is to it! You are now the proud owner of SAITAMA.