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How New Exchanges are Changing the Crypto Landscape

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain ground, it remains very likely that the globe is about to witness a complete disruption of traditional financial systems. However, questions regarding the scalability, adaptability, and security of crypto-systems remain unanswered. With respect to these concerns, crypto exchanges have a pivotal role to play.

It is no longer enough for crypto exchanges to offer buying and selling services alone. Exchanges must do more to provide services already being catered for by legacy financial institutions. An exchange should be able to offer services such as margin trading, lending, debit cards, and even solutions for offline transactions and online shopping.

In response to these needs, many exchanges have been forced to assume a “hybrid” nature. However, that poses many difficulties to users who are forced to interact with different interfaces in trying to access such services since they are being offered via separate channels.

Introducing DEXFIN Exchange

Innovatively bracing up to these challenges is the DEXFIN Exchange, which will officially launch in the first quarter of 2021. DEXFIN will not only act as a hybrid exchange, but also will integrate many advanced features on a single platform as a one-stop solution for all digital assets services.

Users will be able to buy, sell, store and manage their digital assets. Also, they will be able to save on fees, profit from staking, take advantage of DeFi lending, customized tokenization, and make instant payments with near-zero fees through Lightning Network technology.

There will also be digital savings service features in the near future, similar to owning a standard savings account with a bank. Users will quickly be able to set-up monthly savings plans on their crypto holdings, whether BTC, USDT, DXF, or other digital currencies. Users with BTC savings will be able to access loans through DeFi technology.

All of these services are accessible on a 24/7 basis.

The Issues Behind These Developments

Even though security remains an issue, it is worth noting that the chief catalysts behind these changes are scalability and adaptability. According to Cointelegraph, there are over 30 million active crypto wallets holding bitcoin. Yet, there remains a barrier as most users are unable to exchange their bitcoin holdings for everyday services.

The issue of acceptability continues to linger. Barely a few retailers have taken the leap to accept crypto payments from their customers. Effectively closing that gap would require a lot of innovation and ingenuity from crypto product designers.

Also, until recently, investors were skeptical about making a bet in the industry. But thanks to recent developments where services such as futures trading, margin trading, and options trading are being added into exchange platforms, the sentiments are changing. More than ever before, investors are willing to pour funds into the space, and the outcome so far has been positive.

There is also the impact of speculative trading, where for instance, most crypto traders would prefer to trade on crypto exchanges with native tokens. They become token holders, which would almost always turn out to be a profitable strategy. This, in part, explains the recent influx of more participants in the industry.

DEXFIN Exchange in Cooperation With VICTORIA Virtual Reality World

DEXFIN Exchange has exclusively listed VICTORIA VR tokens. VICTORIA VR project is betting on the winning combination: Oculus, Unreal Engine, Blender, Reality Capture, Motion Capture, Face Capture and their own technology, all set to connect people globally through a whole new medium of photorealistic virtual interaction.

Users can buy and trade lands, get and create unique assets, explore a world full of user contents, play games, and complete adventurous quests for rewards.

These features, built with realistic textures on Virtual Reality, make the VICTORIA VR project arguably one of the most sophisticated photorealistic virtual reality and gaming platforms built on blockchain as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation).

It’s refreshing to note that VICTORIA VR is a Massive Multiplayer Online Open world, wholly owned by the community who create the rules that manage it. That means access to unlimited opportunities where users can easily recreate their imaginations and play with the rules they want.

DEXFIN Instant Payment Solutions

The DEXFIN payment gateways will allow users to make instant payments using Bitcoin with virtually zero fees. DEXFIN is also rolling out other products that the entire crypto community is excited about: Cryptomats, payment terminals, NFC payment cards, NFC rings, an eShop, and an educational platform that would feature a crypto encyclopedia.

Staking on DEXFIN

Rather than using traditional term deposits offered by most banks, users can take advantage of DEXFIN staking offers to reap higher profits on their investment. It’s also a safe and lucrative way to earn passively.

  • For the DXF token, the rate is 11% annually.
  • For VICTORIA VR, the rate is 20% annually.
  • For USDT, 11% annually.
  • For BTC, 4.8% annually.

A Little Background About DEXFIN

DEXFIN is based in Prague, Czech Republic, notable for being a conducive and friendly place to most crypto projects. Prominent among them are crypto projects such as Trezor hard wallet and the famous mining pool, Slushpool.

In conclusion, the efficiency of crypto projects as worthy alternatives to the traditional financial institution would be determined by innovation. With future-sighted innovations, the DEXFIN platform has no doubt positioned itself to take that mantle.

Similarly, to withstand the test of time, crypto exchanges must brace to the challenge.