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Google Cloud Takes a Step Towards Web3!

Google, the search engine and tech giant, has amped up their investment in Web3 by teaming up with Tezos Foundation, a non-profit built on a self-amending decentralized platform for creating dApps. With this partnership, Google Cloud has become a validator of the Tezos blockchain. Tezos Foundation’s ultimate goal is to grow web3 application development and offer new services to its customers – and Google Cloud is helping them to do just that.

Corporate customers of Google Cloud can now get their hands into the revolutionary blockchain technology that is being used by industry giants like Ubisoft, Deloitte, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

By having access to this powerful network, customers are able to tap into their own nodes to validate and store their transaction history and build web3 applications – all without having to leave their desk.


The Significance Of this Partnership

Google Cloud’s partnership with Tezos will allow it to become a validator and receive transaction fees. This follows the company’s launch of a node-hosting service for Ethereum projects back in October 2022 and its subsequent validation of the Solana network in that same year.

Google’s newest collaboration with the Tezos Foundation is a good sign of their interest in blockchain tech and web3 – now other firms are seeing the potential of investing in this booming new industry since big names like Google have already taken the plunge.

On the other hand, for Tezos, teaming up with Google Cloud grants some selected startups an incredible opportunity to access Google for Startups Cloud Program’s credits and mentorship! With this partnership, these ambitious startups will have the awesome resources needed for their groundbreaking web3 innovations.

Google Cloud Involvement In Web3 

In early 2022, the cloud-arm of Google announced its own digital assets and web3, just when the bear market in crypto was in full swing. But the tech giant wasn’t done, as they released their Blockchain Node Engine – a super fun and streamlined way for developers to access and use blockchains.