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Goldman Sachs Announces Digital Asset Taxonomy System- Datonomy

Goldman Sachs (GS) has collaborated with Coin Metrics and MSCI to establish a new digital asset categorization system to enable investors and industry players better manage cryptocurrencies and tokens. With datonomy, crypto market players will be able to analyze developments in various crypto categories, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and smart contract platforms, and filter various assets.

Goldman Sachs’ new datonomy(taxonomy of digital assets) categorization system intends to target that big population of crypto investors and provide them with a new and more efficient approach to managing their crypto assets.

According to the announcement, the taxonomy may be accessed as a direct data subscription feed from all 3 contributors in an attempt to make this new crypto categorization tool available to as many people as possible. For large investors, digital asset management is becoming more vital

Previous Announcements

Last month, Goldman Sachs disclosed that it is developing technology and software to improve the experience of customers and the software engineers who make such products. According to the announcement, MSCI is the only owner and administrator of the new categorization system.

Separately, on Thursday, MCSCI announced introducing its own digital assets indexes in conjunction with Menai Financial Group and Compass Financial Technologies. The indexes aim to follow the performance of the

  • Greatest digital assets in market capitalization,
  • Digital assets that use proof of work consensus processes, and
  • Digital assets connected with tech platforms that enable smart contracts.