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Getty Images and Candy Digital Collaborate to Launch the NFT Marketplace

Getty Images has concluded plans to collaborate with Candy Digital to launch its own NFT market. This collaboration was made official after the widely recognised dealer of editorial photography, inventory images, and editorial photography, announced a multi-year partnership with the non-fungible token (NFT) technology developer, Candy Digital.

The collaboration is targeted at ensuring that Getty Images releases its NFT series and inputs right into a viable and new NFT area of interest, which is called Photography NFTs. It was concluded that Getty would collate photos from over 465 million images. This will also include about 135 million photos that were taken with film cameras.

Unveiling archived photos

The partnership terms further stipulate that Getty Images and Candy Digital may choose to reveal the archived photos in a wide range of virtual formats. This is billed to enable people to view and curate them for the first time.

Craig Peters made a statement regarding the collaboration. He stated that: “This partnership speaks to our challenge to attach humans with our excessive quality, one-of-a-kind visible content.”

He further mentioned that the business enterprise’s pleasure in operating with Candy Digital to attain a worldwide target market. Peters further notes that “The fast-developing target market of NFT creditors represents enormous possibilities for the business enterprise and our worldwide photographer community.”

Scott Lawin, the Chief Executive Officer of Candy Digital, expressed optimism and excitement about the new partnership. He noted that the partnership will “creatively carry those iconic and uncommon pix from the remaining centuries to existence for humans to revel in and accumulate in a brand new virtual format.”

The NFT Collections by Candy Digital

Candy Digital intends to create a wide range of NFT collections and products with the use of Getty Images’ substantial photo portfolio. The preliminary series will be released in the coming months. The NFTs could be minted at the Palm blockchain, which is environmentally safer than the Ethereum mainnet.

This appears to be a profitable partnership coming from Candy Digital and Getty Images. Recall that Candy also recently managed NFT marketplaces for WWE, the Race team and Alliance, Major League Baseball.