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Get ready for an upcoming music NFT event: Hosted by BTIG

On Tuesday, July 26th, BTIG will be hosting the inaugural conference of NFT Music. We will hear from more than 40 different leaders from the NFT music community in the virtual event, including members from NFT marketplaces, royalty management projects, Web3 record labels, music streams enabled by blockchain technology, and more.

According to sources, we were informed that the NFT-based Music Conference would also focus on some of the most innovative ideas brought up by projects, protocols, and companies in the NFT ecosystem.

The Head of Digital Assets Research, Mark Palmer, and Mike Kaye, Franchise Sales Specialist and Digital Assets Strategist of BTIG, will host the interesting event. Also, the star celebrity of rock music and media tycoon Gene Simmons is invited as a guest speaker.

What is the main agenda behind hosting the event?

While Simmons, who, through his success in the realms of entertainment and business, has inspired us, will share detailed information about NFT music and how crypto initiatives will transform the upcoming era. This new technology is going to impart immense benefits to artists and fans.

Also, as stated by Palmer, this event hosted by BTIG will provide new opportunities for institutional investors to gain better knowledge of crypto industry dynamics and key drivers, which will be available with the introduction of NFT Music.

The Corporate Access programme by BTIG will sponsor the big music event; this particular sector of BTIG also looks after the matters of infrastructure and energy, healthcare, financial, technology, and real estate sectors.