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Gala Games’ Grit Is Now Listed On The Epic Games Store

Gala Games, a Web3 entertainment company, announced yesterday (June 6) that the new game Grit will be available to players through Epic Games Store. Grit is a Wild West-focused battle royale blockchain game. The company is determined that soon it will be available to more than 194 million users worldwide. 

 Epic Games Store is hosting Grit, built using the Unreal Engine. Epic Games is famous for various games like Fortnite and Gears of War.

 The developers revealed that the game features around 400 types of old-school guns. The players in the game will face a gang of gunslingers in what the developers call ‘epic shootouts and showdowns.’

 Gala Games is the creator of another Web3 FPS (first-person-shooter) game, ‘Last Expedition,’ and boasts the creation of the Gala Music platform. Moreover, the company plans to launch an NFT esports game ‘Spider Tanks.’

 The president of games at Gala Games, John Osvald, opined that the addition of a blockchain-based game on the platform of Epic Games is a significant milestone for the company. He further states that Epic Games is visionary in the gaming industry. The availability of Gala Games’ titles on the Epic Games Store brings legitimacy to the relatively new gaming genre.

 Osvald further stated that ease of access to Web3 games is a breakthrough in the gaming industry. He believes that the players who were previously unaware of this gaming sector will understand how digital ownership can potentially enrich the gaming experience.

 Gala Games is extensively promoting Grit. It hosts a Galaverse event in Malta from June 6- to June 9. In the event, the company is giving a sale on the ‘Gunslinger Box.’ Acquisition of the Gunslinger Box will allow the players to unlock one of the 10,000 Grit avatars. Each Grit avatar has a generative attribute and features in-game perks.

 Gala Games is optimistic that Web3 games will revolutionize the gaming industry. Moreover, the chief technical officer at Team Grit stated that they are excited to work with Gala Games, and the presence of the game on the Epic Games Store will surely make the user experience much better.