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Even Bollywood is taken by the blockchain trends.

In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible not to have heard the term “crypto” somewhere, from newspapers to radio. So, what exactly is cryptocurrency, and why do such big names support it and invest in it?

If you’ve been thinking about these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at what cryptocurrency and NFTs are and if any of our favorite Bollywood celebrities are promoting this new trend. 

Well, it looks like the Bollywood stars are ready to give the crypto world a run for its money! Move over Bitcoin, here come the “Bollycoin” tokens, courtesy of the tiger of Bollywood and the ever-beautiful Sunny Leone. From silver screens to the blockchain, it seems like nothing can stop these celebrities from shining brighter than ever. Who knows, maybe we’ll soon see an Oscar-winning film about NFTs featuring the one and only Amitabh Bachchan!


1. Amitabh Bachan 

The King of Bollywood was the pioneer in creating and selling his own NFTs in the Bollywood industry. The auction was organized by and supported by Guardian Link.

The extraordinary collection comprised various NFTs such as Madhushala NFTs, The Loot Box NFT, Iconic Vintage Posters NFT, and BigB Punks. The vintage posters were rare and valuable, with seven of them bearing the actor’s autograph and a digital NFT certificate of authenticity. They sold for $94,052, while the BigB Punks and NFT Arts sold for $66,900.

2. Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has joined the league of Indian actors to sell NFTs, following the success of Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT auction. She has become the first Bollywood actress to launch her own NFT collectibles. The actress collaborated with Mintdropz, a Silicon Valley enterprise, to create her NFT website for her ‘MisFitz’ collection. Her collection consists of more than 9,600 unique items, and the majority of them were sold within a few hours of the auction.


3. Salman Khan 

salman khan

The famous Bollywood actor, also known as the “tiger of Bollywood,” has revealed that he will be launching his own NFT collection in December. He has collaborated with Bollycoin, a renowned marketplace for Bollywood NFTs, along with top production studios like Salman Khan Films, Arbaaz Khan Production, Sohail Khan Productionz, and Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd. The platform has also teamed up with several well-known artists, and their identities will be announced shortly.

In November, the NFT platform successfully conducted a presale of 20 million tokens, valued at $2 million. The fact that almost a million BollyCoin tokens were sold in the first three hours of the presale is noteworthy and emphasizes the growing popularity of NFTs.