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EHP Technology Launches First Known 5th Generation Heat Transfer Technology To Solve Global Energy Crisis

EHP Technology, a revolutionary technology company headquartered in Switzerland, has launched the first-ever 5th generation of heat transfer technology. Heat transfer technology can be integrated with up to 100% renewable energy sources. According to the CEO, Anil Cil, the heat transfer technology is designed to be the fastest, most efficient, most cost-effective, and cheapest heat transfer product available in the market.

Upon launch, the EHP Technology Company revealed that its 5th generation energy transfer product will be the first and only technology in the world that can comply with the 2030 Paris Air Conditioning Agreement.

Details About the EHP Heat Transfer Technology

The EHP heat transfer technology is the fastest, most cost-effective, cheapest, and three-phase single heat transfer technology available in the world today. The technology can operate in multiple geometric shapes with the need for secondary processing. According to the statement on the official website of EHP Technology, the product helps users significantly reduce costs, while providing them with high energy efficiency. The technology emits homogenous heat, thus providing high real-life comfort while it saves energy.

As a novel 3-phase heat transfer medium, the product is made of Boron nanoparticles that vaporize almost at room temperature. In the official statement available on the Company website, the EHP technology can provide fuel fossils savings of up to 67% at old houses and plants, and can provide fuel fossils up to 100% at new houses and plants by combining up to 100 % with renewable energy sources. In this way, the EHP energy-saving technology provides a sustainable opportunity for decarbonisation against global warming. The technology can function at low temperatures, as low as 30 – 35 C. Such ultra-low supply temperatures comprise a large portion of globally available renewable and waste energy sources, which are not utilized. By utilizing these renewable and waste energy sources, the EHP Technology team believes they are on course to be able to solve the lingering global energy crisis and carbon footprint problems. 

About the EHP Technology Company

The EHP Technology Company was founded in 2009, headquartered in Switzerland. By deploying engineering tools, they design and analyze energy, heat transfer, heat recovery, decarbonisation, heating, and cooling. The Company’s mission is to develop a technology that will completely solve the global energy crisis and reduce carbon emissions to the barest minimum.

The Company has a wide range of solutions and products that allow EHP technology integration. Examples of these products include panel radiators, boilers, electric heaters, underfloor heating systems, solar photovoltaic thermal (PVT) systems, roof heating systems, greenhouse heating systems, personal heating systems, Electronic card cooling systems, military equipment cooling systems, and many more. Aside from its wide array of revolutionary technological products, the company owns five patents with an additional 32 in the application process. It also has 14 design registries, with two in the application process.


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