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EDX Markets, a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, is launched by US Finance Giants

Traders of cryptocurrencies may now feel safe using EDX Markets, a platform that is backed by some of Wall Street’s biggest financial and venture capital firms.

In order to meet the growing demand for digital asset trading, EDX Markets will integrate digital assets into traditional finance through vetted intermediaries. According to a press release published by Business Wire, MEMX technology will be used to power the platform, bringing together best practices from traditional financial markets with tighter spreads supported by greater liquidity to support safe, fast, and efficient crypto for investors in the United States.

Retail Cryptocurrency Brokers Benefit

To increase crypto market liquidity, the crypto ecosystem will also host a trading platform where retail brokers may buy and sell cryptocurrencies in real time via a more conventional trading platform. Faster processing of trader orders than in conventional marketplaces is possible. The people who came up with this idea think that by cutting ties between the exchange’s operators and the companies that trade on the platform, it would get rid of the conflicts of interest that are a problem with current cryptocurrency exchanges.

The EDXM Board of Directors has praised the effort, and MEMX CEO Jonathan Kellner agrees that it is a fantastic idea. This is the first of its type, and it has already attracted the attention of top executives in the financial industry.

The business development manager from Citadel Securities has recently joined the unique startup. Tony Acua-Rohter, who was the chief technology officer at ErisX, and David Forman, who was the chief legal officer at Fidelity Brokerage Services, have both joined the company as general counsel.

The endeavour, which has the backing of firms including Charles Schwab, Citadel Securities, Fidelity Digital Assets, Virtu Financial, Sequoia Capital, and Paradigm, aims to improve the accessibility, transparency, security, and compliance of trading digital assets.