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DxSale – Mint and launch your tokens with no coding required in minutes, automatically through DAO

This article has been compiled to introduce the DxSale platform and its structure, features, and mission.

DxSale in one short year of development has become the most popular launchpad in crypto and the only launchpad with the stated goal of true decentralization. DxSale can be used to launch your custom smart-contract in minutes with no gatekeepers, or you can utilize DxMint to create your own token within a few clicks with no coding required. DxSale retrieves all data directly on-chain for the eight different blockchains currently supported with many more to come. As a true DeFi platform everyone has the freedom to launch or invest in a truly permissionless manner.

 Vision & Priorities

Completely Decentralized & Autonomous

      Each dApp on DxSale was designed from the ground up to function in a permissionless and decentralized manner.

Multi-chain Compatible:

      DxSale was not designed with any single blockchain in mind. With eight chains supported, by far the most of any launchpad, DxSale was made to ensure developers and users have the choice of what blockchain that best fits the goals of their projects.

  Current Chains Supported: BSC, ETH, xDai, ONE, AVAX, KCS, MATIC, FTM with SOL and ADA coming soon

 Helping DeFi Grow:

      With over 3,500 projects launched on the DxSale platform, and no other launchpad even entering the comma club, DxSale has helped more developers and investors enter the DeFi space than any other platform.

 Token $SALE

 While DxSale has become the most popular launchpad in crypto, its native token, $SALE, has flown under the radar of crypto investors. With some competing launchpads reaching well into nine figure market capitalizations and only double-digit projects launched, DxSale until recently has sat steadily in the seven-figure market cap range. While other launchpads were spending their venture capital funds marketing DxSale developers were building, and the results speak for themselves.

The $SALE token will be utilized as a governance token as DxSale moves to full decentralization, but in addition to governance it has one of the most undervalued elements in crypto, revenue sharing via buy and burn. With every pre-sale launch and dApp used on the platform half of all fees generated go directly to $SALE holders in the form of smart-contract which collects revenue and sends half to the development fund and the other half to purchase $SALE on the open market, which is subsequently burned. This has the dual effect of increasing the price of the token with the initial buy, and decreasing the supply of token by burning the $SALE bought making it ever scarcer.

As DxSale has become the most popular and profitable pre-sale platform in crypto, $SALE token holders have benefited from the buy and burn Tokenomics. Since buy and burn started in mid-July 2021 the $SALE token price has increased from twenty cents reaching two dollars, with millions in revenue still waiting to be used for buy and burn. If all revenue currently raised was utilized for buy and burn in one transaction the estimated price of the $SALE token would be $5.50.

With more and more dApps being launched on the platform and more chains being added additional revenue streams are added only increasing the funds going to buy and burn.


Do you want to launch your own crypto token but aren’t a solidity developer? With DxMint it’s as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. Use DxMint to create an auto yield, sometimes called reflection, and liquidity generated token based on the eighth and most successful project launched on DxSale, SafeMoon which reached a market cap ATH of six billion. Customize your fees for reflection and liquidity, utilize the whitelist function to restrict your sale, and soon utilize our KYC portal to know your holders. These features and many more to come make DxMint the best choice to launch your token on your choice of eight different blockchains with zero coding required.

 The Future of DxSale V3 and beyond

On 08/26/21 the Anniversary of the launch of DxSale one year ago DxSale began the multi-phase roll-out of V3 of the platform. This brings a host of improvements including new dApps, further decentralization, greater investor protection, and more choices for developers. With V3 two new dApps are being launched which include DxDrop, making executing a token swap via an airdrop or just a plain old airdrop easier than ever, and DxFairLaunch bringing the best features of DxLaunch to the Fair Launch space. Greater investor protection will also be added to the platform in the form of a built-in token sniffer to detect scams, and an audit portal for DxSale audit partners to audit new projects being launched. To further their goal of true decentralization the buy and burn function has been decentralized in the form of a smart contract executing the buy and burn function which can be called by $SALE holders. This along with many more features are the highlights of V3 which will be implemented over the coming weeks. As V3 is roll-ed out DxSale will look beyond the token launch space with the goal of V4 to bring NFT tools to the platform never seen before.  

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