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Cryptocurrency Prices Today

Ethereum (ETH ) and Bitcoin (BTC) prices both declined during the last 24 hours. According to, the total market capitilisation of cryptocurrencies on the market dropped 6.07 percent, to $938.8 billion, while the total volume of all cryptocurrencies on the market rose 15.20 percent, to $82.7 billion.

Helium, which opened at $4.08, was today’s best performer. In the last day, it’s gone up 8.58 percent. Lido DAO, which had a 24-hour loss of 16.60% and was trading at $1.82, was the worst performer.

Major Cryptos

Bitcoin (BTC): At the time of writing, one bitcoin was worth $18,754. This is a decrease of 6.17 percent. Market cap fell 6.17 percent to $359.03 billion, while trading volume rose 17.62 percent to $39.9 billion.

Bitcoin’s share of the cryptocurrency market shrank by 0.04 percentage points, to 38.24 percent, while other cryptocurrencies gained ground. Ethereum (ETH) price dropped 9.05 percent, to $1,512, while its market capital dropped 9.04 percent, to $184.9 billion. The market’s volume rose by 15.29%, to $20.80 bn.

Cardano’s (ADA) price dropped by 7.83%, to $0.4619. The company’s market worth dropped 7.83% to $15.7 billion, while trading volume rose 12.113% to $867.05 million.