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Crypto Games and NFTs Get a Boost from Amazon’s Digital Assets Company

Amazon’s up to something big! They’re creating a super cool digital assets company that’s gonna launch an NFT marketplace this spring. They’ve been scooping up digital collectibles companies from all over the crypto world to make it happen. So far, Amazon had invested in some layer-1 blockchains and crypto gaming companies, and they’ve even hired some developers from NFT companies and crypto exchanges for their own blockchain unit.

Amazon Goes All In on Crypto Gaming

Amazon’s about to shake things up in the crypto gaming world! They’re launching a bunch of crypto games that’ll let you claim free NFTs! Well, we know that the crypto gaming industry’s been a bit of a mess lately with all the project scams that went down in late 2022. But Amazon’s not one to back down from a challenge! They remember the good old days when crypto gaming was on fire and all those projects had to use Amazon Web Services to store all the crazy player demand. 

Looks like Amazon’s gonna be the next big thing in the NFT world! According to reports, they’re gonna be running their new NFT platform all by themselves to have complete control and make it the biggest in the NFT industry. It’s still a mystery whether they’re gonna go head-to-head with the big NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, or Samsung’s new NFT platform, or if they’re gonna focus on crypto gaming. Especially since they own Twitch, it could be a crypto-gamer’s paradise! 

With a ton of Amazon users, they’re not gonna go unnoticed when they enter the crypto ecosystem. Investors are gonna flock to it, ’cause they know the crypto industry is booming and there’s a ton of room for improvement and growth in the gaming industry.