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GURUGRAM, INDIA – MAY 22, 2023 – CoinStore, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platforms, today applauds the overwhelming success of the 4th annual CrypTalk event that took place in Gurugram, India, on May 21, 2023. In partnership with lead sponsor Kissan Token (KSN), the event was a landmark gathering of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, industry leaders, and investors from around the globe.

Exciting alliances formed as CoinStore and KSN joined forces, showcasing the immense potential for collaborative ventures in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. This synergy of industry giants was marked by an enthusiastic tweet: “Exciting things are brewing as we join forces with our Lead Partner – Kissan @ksntoken, here at Cryptalk, Gurugram!”

CoinStore has named itself the ‘First Stop for Popular Crypto,’ offering trading access to over 50 cryptocurrencies and pioneering cutting-edge services like Spot Trading, Perpetual Futures, Coinstore Earn, and Prime for its global users. The platform’s impressive growth is reflected in its ranking among the world’s top 50 by Coingecko, demonstrating strong transaction matching and exemplary internal clearing, auditing, and risk management processes.

James Toh, Global Head of Business Development for CoinStore, remarked, “The remarkable success of the 4th CrypTalk event reflects the powerful momentum that the crypto community and CoinStore are gaining. Our collaboration with Kissan Token in Gurugram embodies the transformative potential of partnerships within this industry.”

CrypTalk’s success was bolstered by CoinStore’s exceptional list of trading pairs, including KLIMA/USDT, C3/USDT, NBO/USDT, and UBO/USDT. These diverse offerings have elevated the trading experience for CoinStore users, making the platform a go-to destination for traders and crypto enthusiasts.

The 4th CrypTalk event has further established CoinStore’s stature in the crypto industry, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing, trend forecasting, and investment strategies. These achievements mark a significant step in CoinStore’s journey toward becoming the de facto platform for secure, trustworthy, and seamless crypto trading.

CoinStore’s intuitive platform and high-performance app offer an unrivaled trading experience, providing both Android and iOS users with the tools and techniques to buy, sell, and trade on the go. CoinStore’s dedication to user experience and platform security cements its place as a top choice for cryptocurrency trading.

As the dust settles on the hugely successful 4th CrypTalk event, CoinStore is already looking forward to future opportunities to bring together the world’s leading crypto experts, investors, and enthusiasts. The platform continues to pioneer cutting-edge innovations and trading services, marking an exciting future for CoinStore and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Stay connected with CoinStore via their live streaming product, Coinstore Live, which regularly features top blockchain projects and industry experts delivering the latest lectures and talks.

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