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Blur Is Looking To Allocate 300 Million Tokens For NFT Traders

On Tuesday, Blur, the ascendant NFT marketplace, made the exciting announcement that it’ll soon be showering loyal users with 300 million tokens in an airdrop. This news just one day after breaking OpenSea’s record as the highest volume Ethereum NFT trading platform, igniting further hype across the platform!

Having said that, these tokens will be allocated during the “Season 2” of the platform.


Loyalty Score Matters!

Blur is introducing a more creative and immersive program, awarding “tokens” to their traders in “Season 2”. As part of this gamified system, customers will be rewarded with a “loyalty score” based on how they utilize and actively show their commitment to the trading platform. As an extra incentive, those who exclusively use Blur’s NFT marketplace will receive a perfect 100% loyalty score.

Being loyal and consistently listing NFTs will guarantee you more BLUR tokens, but here’s the kicker: even small actions – like quote-tweeting our Season 2 Twitter announcement can boost your loyalty score. This can help you jump ahead and get even more BLUR tokens. 

Blur Outpaces Open Sea in Market Volume

The trading volumes on Blur seem to be super-sized compared to OpenSea these days! While it appears that only a small group of whale traders are causing the upheaval, they’re having a lot of fun flipping NFTs and raking in the rewards on Blur. 

But here’s the drawback – if the acceptance of Blur’s native token isn’t high, then it’ll be hard to see the rewards program sustaining itself. Unfortunately, the token has also experienced a huge drop in the past 24 hours, tumbling from $1.28 to an alarming 24% less. It looks like these whale traders are in for a bumpy ride.