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Blocktalk Show

TBP X Klaytan

Date: 12 Oct 2023

In this riveting episode of Blocktalks, we sit down with John Cho, VP of Marketing at Klaytn, to delve into how they are creating a sustainable and verifiable blockchain for all. Hear about Klaytn’s unique approach to building a unified ecosystem and what resources they offer for your Web3 ambitions.

TBP X Beosin

Date: 11 OctΒ 2023

In this episode of Blocktalks, we chat with Ryan Lim, BD Manager of Beosin, a global leader in blockchain security. Learn how Beosin’s “All-in-one” solutions, from Smart Contract Audits to KYT/AML, are making the blockchain ecosystem safer.

TBP X GetBlock

Date: 19 Sep 2023

In this episode of Blocktalks, we sit down with Nataly Lahuti, CMO of From simplifying your blockchain journey to choosing between Dedicated and Shared Nodes, Nataly offers crucial insights for both newbies and veterans.

TBP X Mantle

Date: 16 Aug2023

In a must-listen episode of Blocktalks, Arjun Krishan Kalsy Head of ecosystem of Mantle Network discuss Ethereum rollups, and give inside scoop on features like token holder governance and future plans for Mantle EcoFund.

TBP X GamiFi

Date: 23 Aug 2023

This episode of Blocktalks, Gafiel from GameFi takes listeners on an electrifying journey into the future of GameFi. If unique gaming experiences intrigue you, this episode is a must-listen!

TBP X Zeeve

Date: 20 Aug 2023

Co-Founder of Zeeve, Ravi Chamria, features on Blocktalks to unveil the revolutionary technology that simplifies Node operation. Get insights into robust monitoring and automatic updates.

TBP X Revuto

Date: 26 Jul 2023

Vedran Vukman, CEO of Revuto, steals the spotlight in Blocktalks to discuss Revuto’s groundbreaking “Block, Snooze, or Approve” feature for subscriptions and Virtual Debit Cards.

TBP X Pixpel

Date: 14 July 2023

Juan Humberto V., Founder of Pixpel, joins Blocktalks for an exhilarating chat about Pixpel’s transformative vision for crypto gaming, benefits to NFT insurance, and what’s next in the gaming revolution!