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BKEX will list Bandex for world premiere at 18:00 on May 6 (UTC+8) and launch Trading Competition and Staking

According to BKEX official news, BKEX will list Bandex for world premiere and launch “Bandex Trading Competition” activity at 18:00 on May 6, 2022 (UTC+8). The total rewards of this activity are 3,000,000,000 Bandex and one person can get 700,000,000 Bandex at most.

Staking – Bandex Pool will be launched at 20:00 on May 6, 2022 (UTC+8) and the est. APY is 30%. The unlocking cycle is 7 days and the currency of earnings is Bandex.

At the same time, BKEX launches a twitter giveaway: all users who retweet activity tweet may have the opportunity to get 25,000,000 Bandex.

Banana Index ( is the Governance Token of Banana Task Force Ape. It empowers users to make critical decisions and proposals that can change BTFA’s ecosystem.

What Is BKEX?

BKEX (, a global crypto-asset financial exchange, was established in 2018 in the British Virgin Islands and it focuses on the absorption and mining of superior-quality digital assets, provides an innovative global station for users around the world, and several investments and trading services among a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. 

BKEX crypto exchange has served many users in over 100 countries and other than providing trading services in cryptocurrency, it also offers Derivatives trading, mining pool financial services, spot trading, Seed Incubator Pro, ETP with constant leverage, and many more. 

Services Offered by BKEX

Spot Trading

BKEX is known for offering spot trading services with more than 1000 superior quality currencies, including 700+ USDT pairs, and 20+ BTC pairs, and 10+ ETH pairs.

Contract  Trading

BKEX contract trading includes more than 600 contract masters globally. The available tradable currencies are BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, FIL, EOS, XRP, DOT, UNI, LINK, DOGE, and 1000 SHIB. Contract trading at BKEX has a two-way opening and investors are allowed to reset their profit or stop-loss prices.

Smart Pool

Smart Pool at BKEX offers current mining, flexible mining, regular mining, and new coin mining. Traders can enjoy mining finances and high earnings with a single click. 

Current Mining – It allows flexible transfers in and out of the exchange. It involves coin-standard mining with 22 pools such as USDT, BTC, ETH, UST, DOT, EOS, and others.

Flexible Mining – It involves flexible transfers, revenue appreciation, and easy mining processes with 13 pools such as SQUID, DOT, USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, and others.

Regular Mining – BKEX offers high earnings and currently, the exchange is running its 8th Round with an APY up to 35%. Mining currencies for the 8th Round are USDT, EOS, FIL, BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOT.

New Coin Mining – It allows users to mine high-quality crypto coins.


ETH 2.0 has been introduced recently by BKEX and it offers an extremely low threshold, high earnings with an APY of up to 20%, bearing no risk of staking, and offering high liquidity that will allow users to participate as well as exit any time they want to. Note that tokens acquired via unlocking can be used by the users for further trading.

Hashrate Mining

BKEX Hashrate mining is a cloud mining service that has made mining processes easy, especially for early miners. It has already delivered multiple phases of YH IPFS Super Mining Service and Chia Cloud Mining Service purchase.

Seed Incubator Pro

BKEX Seed Incubator Pro offers subscription services for superior-quality crypto assets. The Seed Incubator Pro promotes the development of the crypto and Blockchain industry and provides better financial services for high-quality projects and blockchain entrepreneurship. It selects the premium quality projects and carefully determines them and also disqualifies those that violate the rules reserved by BKEX Global and Seed Incubator.

BKEX Token (BKK) Details

BKEX crypto exchange offers a native crypto token known as BKK that allows traders to trade at BKEX. BKK holders can use the tokens to enjoy a 25% handling fee discount when they make trades on the platform. 

BKEX Account Registration Process

In order to register on BKEX, users first have to submit their email id or phone number and then create a password. Users are requested never to share this password with any untrustworthy persons. 

BKEX does not require mandatory KYC certification, so if you don’t want to be certified, you can still trade, deposit, and withdraw. However, you can’t send bonuses through the app, and you can’t participate in Seed Incubator Pro, and you can’t withdraw more than 2 BTC cumulatively in 24H.

To authenticate, the KYC process requires them to provide their personal information and verify them by submitting photocopies of their IDs for the Basic Identity Authentication, whereas, for Advanced Real Name Authentication, users need to submit a photo of themselves holding the ID. In both cases, the verification process is expected to complete within 48 hours.

They will then receive a confirmation code on their phone/email address that they will have to enter. Customers can log in at any time, fund their accounts, and start trading.

Registration link

BKEX Basic Information

Company Name:  BKEX

Contact Person:  Anne

Email:  [email protected]

Country:  British Virgin Islands