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Binance Launches AI-Infused NFT Platform Bicasso with 10K Limited Mint Run

On Wednesday, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) unveiled the launch of Bicasso, a new NFT platform infused with AI. The beta version of the AI-based product has been released with a limited capacity of 10,000 mints. CZ voiced his enthusiasm for the product, expressing his hope that it will revolutionize the industry.


What’s Bicasso? 

The system of Bicasso is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled image-generation tool, akin to AI-art platforms like DALL-E. Users can upload an image for AI processing, as well as offer creative prompts resulting in a unique image generated using AI.

Over the past 12 months, discussions about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become increasingly common, due to the surge in generative art developments within the Web3 ecosystem. Even in the face of the so-called ‘crypto winter’, generative art NFTs made a considerable impression, with noteworthy prices and trading volumes.

What’s the Response?

Initial mint data reveals that 9,909 users created at least one non-fungible token (NFT) during the limited beta. Images associated with the pilot are not available for purchase. Bicasso, an AI-infused art program, allows users to enter descriptive prompts for the AI to process. Uploading images of people, animals, or landscapes further expands the creative possibilities.

On Twitter, users have been sharing their AI-created artworks with Binance CEO, however, some have encountered an error message stating that the system was busy and to try again. The Binance executive acknowledged the issue and stated that the team is working on it. Binance has now closed its product test for its AI-focused NFT maker, Bicasso. Those who are interested may join the waitlist to use the product.