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Binance: ChatGPT Spreading False Information About its CEO

According to Binance, someone is using Open AI’s ChatGPT to spread false information about its CEO of having affiliations wih the Chinese Communist Party. The exchange has been receiving numerous queries from the congressional offices where the conversations with ChatGPT has been cited. The conversation mentions that Changpeng Zhao was involved in creating social media platform for CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation)

ChatGPT Using Fabricated Information

The Chief Strategy Officer of Binance, Patrick Hillman released a statement where he has accused ChatGPT of collecting false information. When asked for evidence, ChatGPT provided two URLs one from a fake LinkedIn profile of CZ and another from a Forbes article of  2018 that does not exist now. 

Binance has been denying for a long time that it is not a Chinese firm. It is true that CZ grew up in China, returned there after his higher studies in Canada and built a tech career in China but Binance is not registered in China.

Binance’s Previous Chinese Ties

This is not the only time, Binance has been accused of having ties with China. In 2022, Guangying Chen an executive of Binance also claimed of having ties with the Chinese government. These allegations were denied by Zhao and at that time also he stated that Binance has no connections with China. 

Even in 2023, Financial Times published an article stating Binance hid all its Chinese identity. CZ denied these facts too. 

Patrick Hillman told people not to believe all the information that AI provides. He said that bad people are always ready to misuse any technology. Furthermore, he said that AI can be a great tool if used for good purposes as Binance is also involved in the use of AI for its own productive purposes.