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Baidu Plans to ‘Out-Chatter’ OpenAI with AI-Powered Chatbot Rival!

Get ready folks, Baidu, the Chinese tech giant, is bringing the heat with their newest AI chatbot! According to a source, they’re launching a standalone app that will soon be merged into their popular search engine. And here’s the best part, instead of just showing links, the chatbot-generated results will be incorporated into the search results as soon as you make a request!

It’s happening in March and it’s going to be a game-changer. Baidu recently showed off three AI-powered techs that let you be an illustrator, editor, animator, or even a screenwriter!

How’s It Competing ChatGPT?

But why stop there? They’re taking a page from OpenAI’s wildly popular chatbot, ChatGPT, and giving it their own spin. You know ChatGPT, the one that’s making waves with its detailed responses and articulate answers across a wide range of knowledge domains.

Microsoft is also in on the AI action, announcing the third phase of their long-term partnership with OpenAI through a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment to fast-track AI breakthroughs. They’ve already invested a cool $1 billion into OpenAI.

Baidu, along with other Chinese tech powerhouses like Alibaba, Tencent, and ByteDance, controls a big chunk of China’s internet. They’re trying to catch up in areas like mobile advertising, video, and social media and are also developing autonomous driving technology.

Chinese internet users are loving ChatGPT, with lots of screenshots of conversations with the AI bot appearing on local social media. Chinese startups are also getting in on the generative AI action and have attracted investment from companies like Sequoia and Sinovation Ventures.