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Back the Builders 2.0 unconference unveils roadmap to truly own social relationships and digital Assets

[Bangalore,24th November 2023] – The year 2023 has been an exhilarating journey in the Web3 industry, marked by significant milestones and pivotal shifts. From the launch of Bitcoin ordinals to the much celebrated Arbitrum airdrop, the landscape has seen unprecedented growth and engagement.

The recent surge in the industry, accompanied by a notable bull run, attracted mainstream financial institutions and spurred regulatory actions aimed at securing retail interest. Top investment banking firms’ pursuit of Bitcoin/Ethereum ETFs further underscored the industry’s evolving significance.

A watershed moment in achieving mass adoption emerged through decentralized social media protocols like, Lens Protocol, and CyberConnect. These platforms disrupted the dominance of mainstream social media by empowering users with content and network ownership. Cyberconnect, Farcaster, Galxe, Deso, and Lens swiftly crossed the million-user mark, redefining social interactions and generating substantial revenue, exemplified by’s $20 million earnings and over 10.75 million cumulative transactions by October 20th.

Amidst these groundbreaking developments that further decentralization to a significant degree, a need arises to bridge the gap between innovation and user adoption. This necessity propels our commitment to empower builders, provide attention to burgeoning products, and establish a robust support network.

Blockchained India’s relentless pursuit to add $1 trillion in value to the Web3 ecosystem through supporting over 2000 startups culminates in Back the Builders 2.0, an unconference aimed at empowering builders and supporting their ventures.

This unconference helps builders develop a deeper understanding of product strategies and understand key web2 concepts for market success. The goal is to offer vital support, mentorship, and connections with grant managers, investors, and key stakeholders from prominent exchanges and widely adopted protocol ecosystems.

Furthermore, discussions at the event will extend beyond user-centric initiatives, delving into infrastructure innovations such as account abstraction, concentrated liquidity pools, player-owned DAOs, liquid democracy, and more, signifying the industry’s comprehensive incubation ecosystem for builders.

Join us in exploring the path to mass adoption, supporting diverse innovation directions, and uniting for a decentralized economy’s prosperous future. Attend the event on December 9th, 2023, and participate if you are:

– A Builder: Seeking to showcase your product, engage with potential users, and connect with grant managers and VCs for investment prospects.

– An Investor: Keen on discovering the next disruptive gem for your portfolio.

– A User: Passionate about joining fellow Web3 enthusiasts in an engaging and vibrant community.

Event Details:

– Date: 9th December, 2023

– Time: Starting at 6:00 pm

– Venue: The Zuri, Whitefield

– RSVP: 

Embrace the opportunities with us and let’s collectively build the future!

For media inquiries, please contact:

[email protected]