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Ateneo and nChain Forge Strategic Partnership for Blockchain Research and Education

nChain, a leading global blockchain organization, and Ateneo De Manila University have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to facilitate an environment of blockchain education within the University and create a solid foundation for the Philippines’ future.

About the Collaboration

The Ateneo Blockchain Laboratory, a research group from the University, will spearhead the collaboration. This will be added to the University’s course offering in the second semester of 2023. Additionally, nChain will provide Ph.D. students the opportunity to gain access to patented IPs and be provided with several grants to progress blockchain research in the Philippines.

The Ateneo Blockchain Laboratory seeks to carry out applied research and development initiatives centered on the practical uses of blockchain technology. Ateneo and nChain share a unified ambition and purpose – to promote fintech and blockchain frameworks and attain their social objectives. 

nChain is dedicated to promoting the worldwide utilization of the BSV Blockchain, the biggest public blockchain that has restored the original Bitcoin protocol, permitting for scalability. This can result in larger blocks and greater transaction capability, while also lowering expenses. Furthermore, this is in keeping with those governments and organizations that handle large amounts of transactions every day.

About nChain

As a leading global provider of blockchain technology and IP licensing services, nChain offers innovative Web3 solutions and support to a range of industries, including gaming, finance, and so on. nChain boasts an impressive portfolio of 2,800 active and pending patents and is the driving force behind notable projects such as Teranode and Kensei. This impressive portfolio is a testament to the technical capabilities of the nChain team.

About Ateneo De Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University, a prestigious Jesuit institution, is a flourishing international community of scholars and innovators. Founded in 1859, the University offers a wide range of educational departments and research facilities, providing its students with a wealth of research opportunities.