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ApeCoin Community Voted to Reject Proposal for Two New NFT Collection Series

The ApeCoin Community has recently voted against the proposed creation of two new NFT series – ApeCoin Armory Club and Ape Coin Pet Club.

The ApeCoin Community Rejection 

The ApeCoin DAO has recently declined a proposal to introduce two new NFTs – the Ape Coin Armory Club and ApeCoin Pet Club, each with 20,000 NFTs. Despite 10.01% of the community is in favor of the proposal, it was ultimately rejected by a majority with 83.95% voting against it. This proposal would have come at an estimated cost of $168,000 for the crypto community to receive the NFTs for free.

The multi-linking capabilities of NFT collections opened up the possibility to be interlinked with other NFT and metaverse projects, such as Otherside, Decentraland, and The Sandbox. As suggested by the proposal, the NFTs could have been incorporated in the 3D virtual worlds of these metaverse projects.

The proposal also featured some cool visuals of the NFTs with the Ape logo on a shield, as well as the pets that make up the Ape Coin Pet Club. All the NFTs from both collections are stated to be unique in their own way, some being rarer than others. 

Some Recent Success of NFTs

Investors continue to be drawn to NFTs, particularly those based on Bitcoin, which have seen explosive growth. Just recently, Yuga Labs auctioned their inaugural Bitcoin-NFT collection and earned a staggering $16.5 million in a single day. The Ordinal collection’s TwelveFold asset received the highest bid of 7 BTC.

The growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is expanding into mainstream usage, with Amazon potentially releasing its own NFTs. Amazon Web Services has also indicated its interest in this area with its recent partnership with Ava Labs.