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Akamai Technologies Launches a New NFT

Akamai Technologies has unveiled the first NFT artwork that is designed dynamically by the Internet. The Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform recently provided data that suggests the newly launched NFT will visually evolve. The auction for this NFT started on the Artano marketplace and is expected to end at midnight on June 24.

Although the crypto industry is vast and wide, Akamai has been able to build a name for itself by owning the largest edge platform in the world, with a presence in more than 900 cities. With the latest move from them, particularly through the newly launched NFT, Akamai is taking a position that will project the whole Internet into a one-of-a-kind artwork.

Speaking on this new move, Kim Salem-Jackson, the chief marketing officer of Akamai, said the company is interested in protecting the limitless possibilities of life online and hopes to create a more secure and connected world.

In his words, he said, “Akamai is passionate about powering and protecting the infinite possibilities of life online.” He also noted that one of the best ways for the company to convey its role is by portraying the internet as mirroring the view of billions of people living their lives online.

Interpretation of the NFT

Akamai selected R. Luke DuBois to interpret its dataset. DuBois is famously known for his high sense of art interpretation, especially those bordering on art, culture, and technology. In his overall approach to the dataset, DuBois described the NFT as one that can be seen and can also be heard. The artist likened the interpretation of the internet to a muse he drew inspiration from. stating that has been made better with sophisticated AI technology.

Akamai’s Passion

The company is dedicated and passionate about making life better for people. To further this objective, the company will be donating sales proceeds to the Akamai Foundation. In turn, the foundation will donate the funds to organisations or initiatives that work to train young people with diverse talents in the technology industry.