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After securing a $24.3 million investment, Untamed Planet plans to construct a nature-oriented NFT

Untamed Planet has secured $24.3 million to develop 3D immersive nature games that are based on the concept of NFTs and Metaverse. The investment was spearheaded by Animoca Brands and will support the Metaverse’s development.

Untamed Planet is a video game company founded in 2020 with the purpose of conserving nature. Animoca has been a strong supporter of this movement and has invested in more than 200 blockchain-related ventures.

Untamed Planet and Animoca Brands will collaborate to create and market Untamed Metaverse, a forthcoming game benefiting environmental conservation activities. Untamed Planet previously got start-up money from Nick Molnar, co-founder of Afterpay. This new money will help make the immersive metaverse experience possible with help from Animoca Brands and its subsidiary, Nway.

In the Untamed Metaverse, players will be able to explore incredible wild landscapes, engage in quests, collect NFT assets, and form communities dedicated to nature conservation. All of these are based on real-world simulation. This experience has a large potential to benefit the ongoing conservation efforts in the world.

The gaming company stated that it is digitising the world’s wildlife habitats and developing enjoyable experiences that are nature-oriented, which is expected to promote conservation in reality. The firm leverages Web3 technology to provide sustainable streams of donations for nature while also offering Untamed Planet community members opportunities to earn and preserve.

Environmental Sustainability

NFT initiatives have come under fire for wasting blockchain processing resources, particularly when they are built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the company said that it is using a separate blockchain that was made with low-energy use in mind, which it is using.

Untamed Planet stated that it is devoted to environmental sustainability and uses only the best technologies and standards in terms of environmental and social effects. Untamed Planet stated that all blockchain initiatives it undertakes will prioritise the efficient use of energy and its sustainability.

Untamed Planet’s initial NFT collection will be minted using Solana, a high-energy-efficiency Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol. The use of Solana as its marketplace is strategic to the mission of the company since it consumes less energy when compared to other platforms.