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After 14 Minutes, The Crosswise Presale Has Exceeded The Soft Cap

Cross-chain interoperability is coming to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, thanks to Crosswise. Its primary goal of providing greater security, convenience, cross-chain transactions, token swaps without gas costs, appropriate tools, and established listings will breathe new life into the DEX industry. Crosswise wants to connect centralized and decentralized exchanges. Combining the best features of both will benefit people all over the world while also simplifying the process of swapping or converting digital assets.
Crosswise will be able to do so in a more efficient manner and without users being concerned about trading costs, allowing Crosswise to rise above any other trading solution currently on the market. Crosswise adds trading and portfolio tracking tools to improve the whole DEX experience. A long-awaited feature in the cryptocurrency world, as well as one that will bring greater awareness to cryptocurrencies in general. The team also restores customer service to enhance the total experience. An intuitive move with merit for both novice and expert users.
Crosswise will also serve as a launchpad for prospective teams and projects that want to have an impact. Projects may sign up for incubation services, native and cross-chain token pools, and a dedicated token holder zone. CRSS is the native currency of the Crosswide ecosystem. It’s a deflationary cryptocurrency with price stability via a sustainable mechanism. Furthermore, because the creators, developers, and other staff members were not given a pre-allocation of tokens to ensure equal and transparent distribution,
The presale for CRSS began on October 27, 2021, and is now in its second round. The first round was sold out in under 14 minutes, demonstrating broad interest in Crosswise and its native currency. The Crosswise pre-sale has several benefits, including the fact that customers do not have to complete a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process and can invest as little as 1 BUSD.
During the first stage, the organization sold 1 million tokens for $0.20 BUSD each. Rounds two and three include 1 million CRSS for sale at $0.3 BSUD and $0.6 BUSD, respectively. It’s critical to get in on the game early since the $1.1 million BUSD cap is not that far off. The Crosswise DEX will debut in December 2021. Keep an eye on Crosswise’s social media sites for news, updates, and notifications regarding its progress.
About Crosswise
The next-generation cross-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is working to create a smooth DeFi user experience. Crosswise seeks to reconcile the best of both worlds by connecting centralized and decentralized exchanges. Crosswise is dedicated to its users and restores customer service and assistance in an effort to bring them back into the DeFi market.
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