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A4R Cryptocurrecny Coin Gathering Worldwide Support after Launch

Following the recent launch of the A4R coin, the recent cryptocurrency has quickly moved up the ladder to gain adoption among users. As a result, the A4R cryptocurrency coin will soon have the status of publicly-traded coins on major cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

BC Games

Asides from breaking the status quo of centralised finance, cryptocurrencies have also been actively involved in developing healthier lifestyles. The AR4 coins thrive on the healthy and active lifestyle of people.

The coin works by monetizing the physical activity levels of users. People who use the coins connect with a mobile app and web portal to account for the distance covered by physical activity, including running, jogging, walking etc.

Earn Points while Exercising

Points are awarded for the distance covered by each person. This point can be converted into cryptocurrency used to shop online or access social events. In a statement, the founder of A4R, Amod Desai, stated, “A4R enables everyday people to monetize their lives with move2earn and use earned coins to buy their useful daily merchandise by shopping online is just the beginning,” quoted Amod Desai, founder of A4R.”

The A4R coin has a large supply of coins in reserve; currently, the coin has a total supply amounting to 100 billion coins.

The AR4 team that developed the algorithm has claimed that a part of the coin reserve will be used to foster the platform’s development. The team aims to create a decentralised application platform that software developers will rely upon to build more decentralised applications.

According to the A4R team, the platform’s development will be launched in phases this year. As part of the development strategy for marketing the coin, there will be significant partnerships and collaborations with other major cryptocurrency platforms.

The founder has noted that the AR4 community will be a community of health-conscious members from different backgrounds and countries, which will help drive the core message of the A4R fitness lifestyle. In addition, the community is open to new individuals to join and start earning while maintaining fitness levels.