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A Newly Published Book Claims To Reveal The Creator Of Bitcoin 

The creator of bitcoin goes with the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ However, his real identity has been intentionally kept anonymous. Since the creation of bitcoin, numerous people have claimed to be the Satoshi Nakamoto. The lack of evidence to support their claims failed to persuade the greater crypto community into believing them.

In 2019, a marketing and public relations agency featured Bilal Khalid, a Pakistani, as the creator of bitcoin. However, Bilal Khalid provided no convincing evidence in this regard. Later, the agency, Ivy Mclemore & Associates, published a book titled “Finding Satoshi: The Real Story Behind Mysterious Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto.”

In 2019, Bilal Khalid, also called James Bilal Caan, rose to popularity due to the claim of being the creator of bitcoin. During the heat of the discussions, Khalid posted a three-part blog post, ‘My Reveal,’ on In that blog post, he shared numerous unknown facts about bitcoin and stated the developments that led to his departure. At that time, Ivy Mclemore & Associates bolstered Khalid’s claims and tweeted about the event alongside contacting various news agencies with the seemingly breaking news. 

In the second part of the blog post, Khalid told about the Chaldean numerology that influenced his decision to create bitcoins. Moreover, he supposedly claimed to reveal all the facts pertaining to the 980,000 bitcoins he owned. He stated that all the bitcoins were mined on a single computer in the last part. Allegedly, Khalid held a Fujitsu computer that seemingly had military-grade encryption. 

Afterward, a story published in November 2019 states that a self-proclaimed bitcoin creator had issues with his computer. The computer with 980K bitcoins went blank, and he sent that computer to the repair center with a note that stated, “Do not touch the hard drive.” The repair firm, after examination, told Khalid that the hard drive was dead. 

The last tweet on Ivy Mclemore & Associates’ Twitter handle was about Bilal Khalid. However, after such a long time, till June 1, 2022, the agency published a new book. The book’s Amazon description does not explicitly mention Khalid. Still, it states that the book is merely an opportunity for the public to join a reporter searching for the creator of bitcoin. 

The book description claims to answer numerous questions like the ethnicity and the country of Satoshi Nakamoto, why bitcoins worth $68 billion haven’t moved since; the book believes Satoshi Nakamoto to be extremely valuable in sharing knowledge with the future generations. 

Regardless of the identity of the actual creator of bitcoin, the book claims that Finding Satoshi will give the reader 42 points to think about. 

Over the years, numerous people have claimed to be the actual creators of bitcoin. However, all have failed to persuade the crypto community. Similarly, the community also forgot about Khalid because any conclusive evidence did not support his claims.