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A New Collection of NFTs From Bollycoin Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow

BollyCoin, India’s first NFT Marketplace for Bollywood, has unveiled its new Chill Bull NFT collection. Chulbul Pandey, the iconic character played by Salman Khan, is said to be the inspiration for the collection. An exclusive Chill Bull NFT collection is ready to be released on the Bollywood media-focused platform.

What Is This Collection About?

BollyCoin created the NFT collection in collaboration with Cope Studio, which Polygon recently acquired.

In a video released by BollyCoin, the announcement was made. The collection will empower holders and stakeholders by providing access to special events, concerts, and the Bollywood metaverse.

In a statement, BollyCoin said, “It’s the first step forward towards our ambitious goal of bringing everything from Bollywood to the Metaverse.”

How Will It Benefit the Holders?

Aside from accessing special events, concerts, and the Bollywood metaverse events, the NFT collection will offer holders and stakeholders other exciting utilities.

The team also said they are excited to play a key role in taking Bollywood into the Metaverse through this PFP collection and at their upcoming metaverse events.

They further mentioned that the Metaverse is the next frontier for global industries. Therefore, it is inevitable that it will contain all the elements that can add to the Bollywood experience for our nation’s movie enthusiasts.

What Does Bollycoin Aim to Accomplish?

Moreover, according to the team, BollyCoin aims to become the vehicle for accelerating the adoption of Bollywood NFT by launching this pioneering NFT in the Metaverse.

BollyCoin holders, stakers, and owners of the company’s previous NFTs will receive the new NFT collection, which consists of 2222 3D bulls. The distribution will be based on the number of BollyCoins held by the holders.

Within the emerging Metaverse, buyers have access to the most exciting performances, minigames, and celebrity interactions. This virtual playground is intended to celebrate one of the world’s most vibrant film industries.