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A Metaverse Firm Has Implemented NFTs Into Its Servers for Minecraft and GTA 5

Despite Mojang Studios’ opposition to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Metaverse companies Enjin and MyMetaverse were able to implement NFTs into several of their games, including their own Minecraft server.

In an interview Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse, and Oscar Franklin Tan, the chief financial officer of Enjin, revealed how they connected the dots and integrated NFTs into Minecraft without breaking the game’s rules.

Many Minecraft servers broke the NFT regulations, which were designed to protect gamers from unpleasant encounters, according to Kertonegoro. According to the CEO, NFTs can be implemented on their own servers without breaking game rules. By eliminating all pay-to-win NFTs, they make their best NFTs completely free.

As he explained: “We wanted to demonstrate to Mojang that it was possible to do it in a way that would benefit both them and their user base. It’s clear that this isn’t, you know, the quickest method to get users logged into your service. But we knew we had to do it anyway.

NFTs in Games: Why Do We Need Them?

According to Tan, Enjin, which had run an NFT-integrated Minecraft server for four years before the company banned NFTs, supports MyMetaverse’s efforts to contact Mojang studios.

NFTs are being supported even by China, a country that opposes cryptocurrencies. As Yat Siu of Animoca puts it, “If the Chinese government can do it, why can’t we?”?” NFTs are inclusive, and prohibiting Minecraft would be hypocritical.

The NFTs developed by MyMetaverse may also be used in games other than Minecraft, such as the company’s Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) server and its own massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Infinity Realm.

Additionally, Kertonegoro emphasized the importance of adopters introducing innovations into Polkadot’s ecosystem because their NFTs run on the Efinity chain that Enjin created for Polkadot.